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Change By The Cent

…is currently on hold for progress. Stay tuned to learn more about how you can help serve others via the Serve Daily Newspaper Volunteer section.

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Who are we?

We have the desire to help and serve our neighbors. However, for us to do this better, we ask for your help. You can rest assured that 100% of your donation (less any CC fees) will go towards the intended cause.

Urgent Cause

Feed The Firefighters and Displaced Families

This was started a year ago – and how I wish I would have focused on raising money for this cause -not realizing it would be such a big need in our community. The money raised – less the paypal...
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Urgent Cause

Hunger Relief for South Utah County

Help us supply the local food pantries with items that typically don't get donated.
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Thank you to all who help to make change happen in our community. CBTC is here to assist non profit organizations with their fund raisers. We also seek to simplify and expand a single contributors amount by leveraging purchasing power and saving you time.