Making Change Happen, One Cent at a Time

Feed The Firefighters and Displaced Families

Sponsored by Serve Daily
Donation Goal For This Project is $5,000
0% Donated/$4,980 To Go
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This was started a year ago – and how I wish I would have focused on raising money for this cause -not realizing it would be such a big need in our community.

The money raised – less the paypal fee- will be donated 100% to feeding firefighters and those that have been displaced.

We (Serve Daily) will find out what is needed and donate it to the appropriate locations.

Things that we may buy and deliver:

Donations are still being accepted. If you want to donate, several items come in handy in situations like this:

~ Baby Wipes (hands a face cleaning when no time to shower)
~ Powder, like Gold Bond Powder (for chafing)
~ Diaper rash cream (for chafing)
~Long socks (laundry is tough on the fire line, cotton or wool)
~undershirts (All sizes, laundry isn’t consistent)
~lotion (personal sized)
~eye drops
~instant coffee
~non-perishable food items/snacks (high calorie, grab and go type snacks)

****The incident command posts are also requesting COFFEE be added to the list.***


Thank you.

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