Making Change Happen, One Cent at a Time


What is Change By The Cent?

Change By The Cent is a For Profit company. It is set up to cover operational costs via company sponsorships. Thereby, allowing donations received from the general public to be 100% used for charitable purposes.

What do you do?

Change By The Cent collects donations from the general public to purchase food to donate to food pantries, senior homes, families, and individuals.

We also have causes that we will raise funds for. Those causes are a stand alone from the funds raised from the Sticker Machines.

Since we are not a non-profit we can’t provide a tax write off, but you can feel great knowing your money is combined with that of others to make a positive impact in the community.

How can I donate?

There are multiple ways.

Online via any of our Causes.

In public by donating in our CHANGE bins . . . .

Purchase stickers at any of our bright orange sticker machines.