Making Change Happen, One Cent at a Time

Our Top Mission...

is to raise funds and help eliminate local hunger.

Love Your Neighbors

Donating funds to any Change By The Cent Cause will help feed your neighbors in need. 


Track and watch the Causes to find out how much is raised. Find out where the money goes by watching our site for reports.

Providing Deliveries

We pick up food at the grocers and deliver it to the pantries. We check with them to find out what they need.

Feel Like a Hero

Knowing that you have made a positive CHANGE to the community. 

Great Job

Your donation is much appreciated. As we combine all donations and use the power of leveraging to get the best rates on food.

Small Change Adds Up

The power is in collecting many Cents from a lot of people. Together, we can help those in need. 

Making Change Happen, One Cent at a Time

Feeding those in need through local pantries

Thank you for helping to create change that makes sense with Change by the Cent!

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Making a Change

The choice is up to you to make a positive change in the lives of those around you.

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